What our Out of School Hours Care Offers!

Set on the grounds of Riverdale School, in our own dedicated house, we provide OSHC services for many local schools in the Salisbury area

Before School Care (Including school drop off)

After School Care (Including school pickup)

Vacation Care

Permanent and casual care

School closure days

We also offer permanent sessions for people working with rotating rosters

Reggio Emilia Inspired Program

At Riverdale Out of Hours School Care our programs are inspired by the principles of Reggio Emilia and values the child as co-constructors of their own learning.

The Reggio Emilia approach is an innovative and inspiring approach that values the child as an individual who is respected, capable and is a citizen with rights.

Riverdale Out of Hours School Care

Welcome to Riverdale (Out of Hours) School Care.

‘Believe in what you do’ – is our motto, and this is what you will feel the moment you enter the OSHC environment. There is an overwhelming belief that what we do is of immense value. And what is it we do…

We believe that every child is citizen from birth with inherent rights. Everything we do is based on this belief.

Our exciting recreation focused program is provided in a safe and caring environment that nurtures the growth and development of all children. We believe that all children are inheritantly capable of holding and achieving their individual aspirations. We know that family is the primary influence in any child’s life and by developing strong, honest and respectful relationships with them, together, we can provide a stable foundation from which a child may flourish.

We embrace the opportunity to be an integral part of your child’s journey through the successes and the challenges that they face through their schooling years. We have the knowledge, the experience, the passion and the belief to guide, support their learning during their time with us.

Riverdale child care centre NQF Assesment Image

The discussions between educators and children assist children in becoming aware of their responsibility for their physical well-being. Watching Kasia engage in this mornings 'gruelling' obstacle course awoke the children's competitive natures and turned it into pure fun.... Game on Kasia! ... See MoreSee Less

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Chloe, Caleb, Bella and Angie started their Friday by cooking and devouring eggs of their chosen method: French today for some and scrambled for others. We were then lucky enough to have Austin perform some of his greatest hits, both accompanied and solo. Happy Friday! ... See MoreSee Less

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Remember overhead projectors? They allow us to explore the different properties of light and its effect upon a variety of materials. ... See MoreSee Less

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This morning's challenge was to create the coolest castle. The children then judged them, with Bella and Chloe coming out the victors by one vote. All children learnt a lot about sportsmanship; sometimes in life we win and sometimes we don't, but we need to be gracious and respectful no matter what. ... See MoreSee Less

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Our focus in this week's program has been incorporating technology with experiences. We created habitats with a variety of natural and man-made resources, took photographs and then edited them. This morning Maddison and Angelisa wanted to cook banana pancakes and add sour cream to them like Philly had done earlier in the week. Unfortunately we were out of sour cream, but we did find some Greek yoghurt and the girls wondered if we could use that. I didn't know so we asked google. Google provided us with a recipe for banana and Greek yoghurt pancakes, which turned out to be amazing. Many children who apparently don't eat yoghurt were asking for more... Austin had joined in with the cooking, seen me taking photos on my phone and asked if he could decorate them just like he had with the dinosaur picture. Of course he could. Technology assists us in so many ways, enabling us to extend experiences that otherwise may not have been possible. ... See MoreSee Less

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